Great new painting completed!

A new painting is being showcased in this post, which we created using several photos. It involved some photo editing to achieve this result before the photo was passed to one of our artists.

How does it work when I send in multiple photos to be merged?

We work on the photos beforehand to ensure all changes are sorted before the painting starts – this way we can avoid too many changes on the painting and are able to guarantee a quality result.

You send in your photos and you work with our photo editor who will merge your photos and show you a preview. Only after you approved that photo will we start the painting. The editing is important as too many changes can damage the canvas or the art paper and its also much easier for the artist to know exactly what the customer is looking for in terms of positioning of the people or pets. Also extensive color changes from dark to light background for example are in most cases not possible, very difficult and usually mean that the painting needs to be restarted.

Several reasons will explain the prior use of photo editing software to guarantee a perfect outcome in a timely manner.

We are very proud of the outcome of this new painting!

We hope you like it too? In total 11 photos were used to create this painting. One even in black and white which our photo editor colorized in the photo editing process of this new painting.

If you are interested in merging your own photos and turning them into a great collage painting get in touch with us.

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great new painting from several photos
great new painting from several photos


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